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Transport & Export

Efficiency through optimization

Our head office is located at the narrowest part of the Netherlands. About 10 km from the Belgian border and 500 meters from the German border.


We have benefited from this since we started, and have therefore further developed (International) transport and export as our expertise.

Kaart Nederland Janssen Livestock

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Veevervoer dichte trailer


Delivering animals in optimal condition

Our goal is to deliver the animals in optimal condition. That is why we attach great importance to animal welfare, hygiene and road safety.

The animals are critically inspected by our quality staff before loading to guarantee the promised quality.


Experienced drivers and well-equipped trucks

Both our own fleet and our partner carriers meet strict quality requirements.


For example, all drivers have successfully completed the “Responsible Livestock Transport” course. We have both type 1 and type 2 trucks available depending on the duration of the journey.


Collaborations with station points all over Europe

To facilitate long journeys, we work together with various rest areas throughout Europe.

We only work with rest stables where the highest hygiene measures are observed.


Most profitable sales market for your pigs

The pig market within and outside Europe is very diverse and complex. Not only do prices fluctuate in different countries, but each culture also has specific preferences about how they want the pigs or piglets delivered.

Depending on genetics, sex, weight, etc., some flocks of pigs are better suited to one market than another.


This may make it interesting to export piglets or pigs for slaughter to other countries where there is more or different demand.

Long-term partnerships or spontaneous sales

With us, contract connections per week/month are possible with reliable buyers, but we also market individual couples.

This way we can provide tailor-made solutions to the needs of each company; for both large and smaller couples.

Curious about what we can offer for your pigs?

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