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Biggen die op de trailer lopen

Pig trade

At home in all markets, with a focus on quality


Harmonizing demand and supply

We create satisfaction with clear communication. To achieve an optimal match, we first listen to the livestock farmer and his/her advisors (veterinarian, nutritionist and breeding expert). This gives us a good idea of which type of piglet best suits the farmer and stable. We will use this information to start searching.

Thoughtfully handpicked

Our piglets originate from the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Denmark and are exported throughout Europe. We select the piglets based on health, quality and breed; and take the selection seriously. We see breeders as partners, not merely as suppliers. That is why we work closely with the livestock farmer as well as veterinary experts, nutritionists and breeding organizations. Together we strive for uniform groups of quality piglets. This sustainable collaboration makes long-term partnerships possible between breeder and fattening pig farmer.

Ensuring balance through our stables

We have our own pig farms to counter any fluctuations in supply and demand. This way we can ensure a good service, even in challenging times.

Where customer care doesn't end with the sale

After the animals have been delivered, companies, both national and international, receive further guidance if needed. Our expert quality employees think along with you right up to the slaughter hook, in order to get optimal returns from our quality piglet.

Payment within 5 working days

International network for broad sales market

We have our own stables to ensure constant flow of piglets

Service and reliability, our keywords.


Slaughter pigs

Connecting livestock farmers with sales markets for optimal returns

Every farmer works in his or her own way. The choices in genetics, ration, delivery weight, etc. ensure that end results differ. It is our passion to find the right buyer for the right couple. That is why we work with several slaughterhouses in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany. In addition, we have our permanent network of customers throughout Europe. This way we can make a perfect match between the livestock farmer and the sales market that provides the highest return.

Carefully selected

The pigs are sorted based on weight, conformation, gender or other specific quality requirements. This selection takes place at the pig farm itself or at the collection centers specially set up for this purpose.

All is data.. Received within one working day

We believe in fast service: Our customers receive the slaughter data after one working day; This provides immediate clarity in terms of weight, muscle and fat percentage and any slaughter deviations.

Payment within 5 working days

Collaboration with several slaughterhouses

Fast service: Slaughter list within 1 working day

Sleeping pig

The highest profit
through broad sales opportunities.

Slaughter sows and slaughter piglets

For national and international markets

Every week, we gather a sizable number of slaughter sows. These are sorted optimally and shipped to our national and international sales markets. The large numbers, and our sorting technique allow us to maximize the value of the sows. The sows are collected on a fixed loading day once a week. 

Hygiene is our top priority

We take considerable care to ensure the best logistical and sanitary organization possible. This is why we offer to collect slaughter piglets together with the sows. This leads to fewer transport interactions for your business and reduces health risks on the farm.

Payment within 5 working days

Sales in domestic and foreign markets

Optimal hygiene

The ideal combination of efficiency and hygiene.

Piglet nose
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