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Fresh porksides

Completely tailored to our customer

We offer fresh pig porksides tailored to our clients’ preferences. Our strength is the degree of personalization and the large volumes we can offer. Because of our unique working style, we are able to meet all our customers’ requests and offer a constant quality. We do this by supplying our own pigs or organizing a fixed partnership between farmer and purchaser.

Consistency in meat quality improves the efficiency in the butchering process.


The process

Raising the pigs

Slaughter in Sus Campiniae

Inspection and cooling

The pigs are raised under comfortable conditions. They are closely monitored by our veterinarians and fed quality food. We also attach great importance to the quality of water, hygiene and a good climate.

In the most modern slaughterhouse in Belgium, under strict supervision of the Federal Agency for Food Safety (FASFC), the animals are treated in a calm and stress-free manner. The pigs are anesthetized with CO2 before they are slaughtered. This way they do not experience any stress, which is very beneficial for the quality of the meat.

After slaughter, pigs are inspected and classified by independent inspectors from the FASFC. Finally, they are cooled until the correct core temperature is reached, after which the carcasses are ready to be transported.

We are flexible in transport and offer both Ex-works or DAP deliveries according to the customers' needs

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